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Why You Should Take Time
From Your Small Business

There’s nothing small about the attention, worry and stress you can devote to your small business or entrepreneurial plans.

Small businesses are often efforts of passion in which you devote your every waking moment. There can be a good side to this. More than any other factor, the success of your business depends on your efforts, so being intensely invested in not a bad thing. But problems can come when this investment becomes so total that you lose a good balance.

Creativity Needs Space

One way to look at it is from the perspective of an artist or creative professional. These specialists have learned that it’s often important to take a break from their work. To use an old expression, it’s often necessary recharge your batteries at some point before you can take on new challenges.

Another perspective is more scientific: If you’re confronting a seemingly unsolvable problem, the best thing you can do may be to get away from it for a while.

This isn’t a myth. On many occasions, the brain has a marvelous way of continuing to work on solving problems, even while you sleep or go about unrelated work. You may have experienced this yourself –begrudgingly calling it quits late at night, despite being unable to solve a serious problem. Then, upon waking, you find that the solution is now clear.

A lot of this has to do with “subconscious problem solving,” a topic that is the subject of entire books and countless articles. Basically, your brain will often work on an issue subconsciously, even as you go about something else or sleep. There are a lot of theories on how and why this happens, but a couple of things are worth noting: to use this nifty trick, learn all you can about a problem then…walk away. You might have to wait 48 hours but, if things work, your brain may indeed present a solution.

Entrepreneur’s Secret

For our purposes, a big issue is how an over-stressed, over-worked small business owner can find time, whether for subconscious problem solving or simply to take a break. As you probably know, it isn’t easy!

One trick is to look for opportunities to relax – at least a little – while nevertheless furthering your business. The most obvious example might be networking events, where you can socialize while actively looking for new opportunities. Specialized courses and seminars are another example. If you need to gain a skill for your business, you might be able to justify a few hours or even days away from work.  Sometimes the break from your usual grind may be the biggest benefit.

All of this can be difficult to apply as you work to make your business a success. It might help to remember the concept of periodic rest in athletic training. In almost any discipline, athletes improve by steadily straining their muscles in workouts that push their limits and hone their skills. However, smart athletes know that they will level off – plateau – unless they regularly intersperse their workouts with rest days and, on a larger scale, rest weeks. In simple terms, the muscles need time to recover and rebuild before they can be pushed further.

It’s worth considering these and related ideas as you work at your business. How you apply the details may vary tremendously, but a number of clichés do come to mind: beating a dead horse, hitting a brick wall and more. You’ll almost certainly be better off not being guilty of clichés!

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